110 Sports Podcast: Tony La Russa

Former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa discusses his retirement, the ongoing playoffs and his new book.


Retired manager Tony La Russa joins Matt this week to talk about the ongoing MLB playoffs. They also discuss his retirement from the game, Albert Pujols' up-and-down season with the Angels, the Diamondbacks future, Bobby Valentine's disastrous season with the Red Sox and his new book: "One Last Strike."

Among his observations:

-- On a new perspective since retiring: "You sit upstairs and see how easy the game looks. You can see why things are questioned because I have been second-guessing everything I see."

-- On the Diamondbacks future: "I think they're set up to be a major factor in the west for a lot of years because of their talent and because of the way they are led from the front office to the ownership to the manager and coaches."

-- On favorites to win the World Series: "If you get into October, you can win a short series. So, I would not bet anybody."

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