110 Sports Podcast: Jake Plummer


Jake Plummer, the former Arizona State and NFL quarterback, joins Matt this week to reflect on his time as a Sun Devil and discusses the direction of the program under Todd Graham. He also talks about his role of mentoring and coaching over the last few years and offers thoughts on the current state of the NFL and his former team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Among his observations:

On attending ASU’s spring game last month: “From the little bit of time I spent down there this spring, they got a lot of young kids working really hard and all for a common goal, which is what it takes. You’ve got to have an obvious goal, and that is to play in the Rose Bowl and also to try to win a national championship. It’s one thing to say all that stuff, but it’s another thing to really believe it, work towards it and think it’s going to happen.”

On former teammate Pat Tillman: “He definitely was a good role model. I’ve said that to a lot of kids — if you want to have a role model, that guy was definitely someone who lived what he preached, and he was a stand-up guy, very genuine and someone you would love to have as a buddy.”

On his current health after retiring from football: “I feel good … I have my daily aches and pains, but what 38 year-old doesn’t have a few aches and pains now and then?”